Documents required for an e-Visa India

In order not to have to run after the information about your trip, please provide yourself with this basic information. All the documents will be sent to us once the form is completed, to the address, specifying the tracking number of your procedure, indicated in the confirmation email.

Travel information

All traditional information including :

  • dates of stay (for outbound travel, only the actual date of arrival at Indian immigration counts)
  • the airport or port of arrival (only 29 airports and 5 ports are concerned by this visa)
  • a local contact (one of the hotels, tour operator, relative or other)
  • places that travellers should visit
  • information on travellers and their families (place of birth of your parents, spouse, etc.)

If people have travelled to India in the past, please bring their old visa number with you (optional). If you have lost it, please let us know.

Business travel only
  • You will need to provide us with a photocopy of your business card.
  • Invitation letter from the Indian company, translated into English and bearing the name and dates of stay of the traveller.
Conference travel only
  • You will need to provide us with the invitation letter from the conference organiser, but also with its " political clearance"A document from the organiser proving that the event is politically cleared by the Indian authorities. See an example
Medical travel only
  • You will need to provide us with the letter issued by the Indian hospital, written on the hospital's letterhead, specifying the type of treatment provided. If you are accompanying a patient, please provide the person's visa, nationality and date of birth.
    Amaximum of two people can accompany a patient to India on this visa.
Humanitarian/Volunteer travel only
  • You will need to provide us with a letter issued by the organisation, with letterhead.

Personal information

These documents will be requested by email once the form has been completed and paid for. We will then put them in the correct format to minimise the risk of refusal, you can send them to us in the format of your choice. The documents only need to be legible, so that they can be compared with your manually entered data. Minors must provide the same documents as adults.

Passport photo

A colour, high-definition scan of a passport photo, ideally complying with passport photo standards: the photo must be clear, without folds, marks or smudges. It can be square or rectangular.

The head must be complete, naked without a hat, scarf, headband or other decorative object. The head should be upright with the face facing the camera. The expression should be neutral and the mouth should be closed. The passport photo must be recent and resemble the one in the passport, regardless of whether the hairstyle is different.

Ideally, photos should be more than 350px wide and high. You can take your own picture, as long as you respect the constraints listed.

Documents required for an e-Visa India
For your convenience, you can use our photo processing tool by visiting

Traveller's passport

A colour, high-definition scan of the identity pages of the traveller's valid passport (the one used for your trip to India). This is the passport page with your date of birth, passport number, etc.

In some cases, we will allow ourselves to change the format or crop the scan.

Documents required for an e-Visa India
The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival for each stay in India. It cannot be a green emergency passport. It is strongly recommended to have 3 blank pages (2 facing each other) in your passport when you arrive in India.

👤 In any case, don't worry! We will tell you if the transmitted pieces are in the right format. We will also allow us to resize them or play with their sharpness.