India: Covid-19 travel restrictions

Informations à jour en date du 25/09/2023
International travel to India is permitted. There are currently no requirements in place, such as quarantine or health tests. COVID-19 transmission is medium in India. The level of transmission is based on global health and disease data from John Hopkins University, updated to September 2023.

India: these restrictions are still in force

India: Are travellers required to undergo medical examinations?

All passengers undergo pre-departure and arrival health checks, such as temperature checks and visual assessment. Additional health tests may be required for people showing symptoms of COVID-19. In addition, travelers must check themselves after arrival and report any symptoms.

This means that... :
  • No PCR test is required by this country (but may be required by the airline).
  • No health pass required by this country
  • This country does not require Covid-19 vaccination for incoming travellers
  • No quarantine required on arrival in this country
  • No health form required to travel to this country

India: is the country living normally with Covid-19?

  • Although restrictions are gradually being lifted throughout India, they are subject to change at short notice and may vary from state to state. For detailed information by zone, we recommend you follow the local media, and for country-wide information, visit
  • Face mask requirements in public places may vary from state to state, but the use of a face mask is always recommended.
  • Public transport services operate and restrictions may vary from state to state. We recommend checking with local authorities.
  • The restaurants are open as usual.
  • The bars are open as usual.
  • The nightclubs are open as usual.
  • Stores are opened with appropriate safety measures, such as the use of hand sanitizers and social distancing.